Lite Tile Ten

A two-layered ferrite tile "Lite Tile Ten" has made the most superior radiowave absorption

We have developed double layered ferrite absorber (Lite Tile Ten) five years ago that covers the waveband from 30MHz to 2GHz with its absorption loss of below -20dB. It can be used mainly for anechoic chambers. The thickness about 28mm gives a good space to the inside of chambers and together with 260mm high noncombustible pyramidal absorber, such as hybrid type provides a wide ranged absorption waveband up to 18GHz or more.

“Lite Tile Ten” and Ten Anechoic Chamber have the excellent performance in every respect, radio wave absorption, light weight, nonflammability and its non-degradation.

  • 1. "Lite Tile Ten" shows much effective absorption characteristics on electromagnetic waves and keeps its absorption loss under minus 20dB in the range from 30MNz to 2GHz.
  • 2. It weighs only 340g per unit(100x100 mm)and provides better performance for installation even to a smaller construction.
  • 3. The 28mm thick "Lite Tile Ten" provides extra space to the internal of anechoic chamber.
    A remarkable thinness has been achieved and that makes it possible to construct high quality anechoic chambers in a limited space.
  • 4. Superior non-flammability
    "Lite Tile Ten" is non-combustible,eliminating the possibility of fire which can be caused by strong impression operations.
  • 5. The stable performance and the quality reduce the operating cost.
    "Lite Tile Ten"maintains its stable abosrbing for long. There is no degradation over time. Therefore, the operating costs can be reduced at a large extent.

Cross Section

Absorption Loss Data

Absorption Loss Data

A two-layered ferrite tile structure "Lite Tile Ten" provides the most effective electromagnetic wave absorption for EMC chambers. A two-layered ferrite tile structure "Lite Tile Ten"shows its performance in absorbing high frequencies from 30MHz up to 2GHz. "Lite Tile Ten" shows the excellent performance in every respect including superior electromagnetic absorption,light weight,non-flammability and its non-degradation.

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